How to Care for Your Skin After Dermal Fillers

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There are two types of people in this world. Those who jump for joy at the first mention of dermal fillers, and those who pause at the idea of a needle coming within millimetres of their face. Injectables carry the allure of impressively smooth results that make the small pinch well worth it. But as one might expect from a needle to the face, injections can also result in temporary skin irritation or bruising around the treatment area. If you’ve weighed the pros and cons of dermal fillers and are very much on board but want to know how to care for your skin after dermal fillers, then read on.

Dermal Fillers are increasingly in-demand—in fact, most of our patients here at Dr T Aesthetics in Melbourne use dermal fillers to refresh and rejuvenate their look and give their skin some much needed tender loving care. While dermal fillers can quickly take years off your appearance, there are a couple of things you’ll want to avoid pre and post-treatment.

Common Side Effects After Dermal Filler Treatment

There might be redness, swelling or tenderness in the treated area. This is a normal result of the injections. While swelling is common, it tends to disappear within a few hours after treatment for most people. 

The initial swelling after a lip enhancement treatment may last longer. If symptoms persist for over 7 days or other reactions occur, please contact the clinic. 

Bruising is also a common and expected side effect with any dermal filler treatment. It can sometimes be contributed to a poor technique by your injector, a predisposition to bruising or just plain old bad luck.

The good news is that you can minimize bruising, redness, or swelling that occurs after getting an injectable treatment. Whether you’re still on the fillers fence or planning your millionth injectable treatment, these tips below will help calm your skin so you can move on to enjoying the results sooner.

What to Avoid Pre Dermal Filler Treatment

Try to avoid anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medications for a period of at least 1 week before treatment as they can increase the risk of bruising and swelling after injections. Always confirm with your GP before stopping any medications.

Also, as tempting as a glass of wine maybe, alcohol is a no-go a few days before an injection treatment. Alcohol acts as a blood thinner, making you more susceptible to bleeding, bruising, and swelling during and after your treatment.

What to Avoid Post Dermal Filler Treatment

After receiving a dermal filler procedure, self-care is very important. Your injector should give you information about the aftercare that covers how to manage pain, clean the area, and treat the area. 

Generally, it is important to keep the skin clean. Try to avoid heavy creams and makeup while the skin is healing. 

Heat and high temperatures may irritate the skin and cause inflammation so no sunbathing or strenuous exercise for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

Please avoid touching or rubbing the skin to reduce potential infection, irritation and swelling at the injection site. 

If you have received dermal fillers in the upper half of the face, avoid wearing goggles or eyewear that puts pressure on your filler injections for a few days. The pressure of certain types of eyewear could potentially cause your filler to migrate beneath the skin.

Avoid facials, waxing, chemical peels, skin needling, microdermabrasion, IPL or laser treatments for 2 weeks after treatment. 

Skin Care After Dermal Filler Treatment

With many hyaluronic fillers, patients can experience dry skin in and around the injected area for the first few days. Since skin is typically prepped with antiseptic agents to ensure a clean working surface, skin can be left dry by the end of the treatment. Your skincare routine post-treatment is paramount after your dermal filler treatment to ensure the best results.

Your Skincare Products & Tools

Be extra gentle when applying skincare products. If you find that you have redness or sensitivity from the injections you might want to steer clear of retinol, glycolic acid, and exfoliating agents for 24 hours post-treatment to minimise irritation. 

Don’t use harsh tools like cleansing brushes or micro-needling home rollers. Most fillers need at least two weeks to settle, so you don’t want to disrupt or interfere with them before they settle.

Quality skin care products not only help minimise the effects of ageing but can also enhance the final results of your hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatment. Cleansing and moisturising regularly will help maintain your skins hydration and minimise the risk of developing further fine lines and wrinkles. 

Some skin care products are specifically designed to complement the effects of your dermal fillers, such as the Synergie Skin Post Treatment Kit.

This recovery kit was designed to protect and recuperate your skin following a clinical treatment. This kit is a perfect sub-in for your regular skincare routine whilst your skin remains sensitive to active ingredients during the healing phase. Containing a daily UV protective moisturiser with anti-inflammatory zinc oxide, a calming facial oil and an occlusive skin balm. It allows your skin to rest easy while recovering.

Avoid Sun Exposure & Apply Sunscreen

Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for a full day following your dermal filler treatment. Exposing your treated skin to direct UV rays could cause redness, bruising, and/or swelling around your fillers. If you must be outside in the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen with a strong SPF and protective clothing to shield your skin.

Please contact us immediately if you: 

  • Have fever and/or chills
  • Have discoloured blotches in areas not injected
  • Notice the area appears red and/or hot to the touch
  • Have severe or increasing pain


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