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Chin and Lips


Thread Lift (Silhouette soft)

Thread Lift (Silhouette soft)

Tear trough with dermal fillers

Treatment of Temporal area with dermal fillers

Treatment of Cheeks and Submalar(area below cheek bone) with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers for cheeks(1ml each side.)

Jaw line and Jowls with Dermal filler

Jowls and Jaw line with 1ml Dermal filler each side

1ml Dermal Filler Cheeks

1ml Dermal Filler each for Cheeks and Chin to create definition and balance


IPL (intense pulse light)-x1-Treatment

1ml dermal filler temporal

1ml dermal filler temporal, 2ml dermal fillers cheeks

1ml dermal filler

1/2ml dermal filler

1ml dermal filler temporal 2ml filler cheeks

1ml dermal filler chin

1ml dermal filler – Tear Trough

2ml dermal filler for cheeks Anti-wrinkle treatment frown and forehead

3mls Dermal filler lower face & jaw line

1ml Dermal filler cheeks

1ml Dermal filler cheeks

2mls Dermal Filler – Tear trough

1ml Dermal Filler Tear trough

Anti Wrinkle treatment and 1ml Dermal filler cheeks