Reduce Fat and Increase Muscle Mass
Without Exercise



fat reduction per treatment area

Up to


increase in muscle mass

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TruBody – Two Award Winning Body Sculpting Technologies.
Once Complete Solution

Target Stubborn Fat

TruSculpt provides a personalised solution to remove unwanted stubborn fat


Tone and Firm Muscle

Strengthen and tone muscle with TruFlex. Delivering the equivalent of up to 54,000 crunches


Why TruBody?

comfortable with zero downtime

Fast 15min treatment

Isolate and target the areas you want to

Treat multiple

Results are after the 1st treatment series

Trim And Tone Protocol

Combine 1 TruSculpt Treatment and 4 TruFlex Treatments to achieve visible results with no downtime and in as little as one treatment series.

True Results

Why Choose Dr T’s Aesthetics For Your TruBody Treatments

Dr T’s Aesthetic is one of the few clinics in Melbourne to offer the
complete TruBody Solution

If you are searching for an alternative to cosmetic surgery for body sculpting, then TruBody might be for you. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks to consider in your decision making process and these risks can sometimes outweigh the benefit. At drT Aesthetics, we believe in providing an optimum result non-surgically.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your desired body. You can rest assured that you are in experienced hands. I am a qualified doctor (GP) with over 12 years of experience in the cosmetic and body-shaping industry.

After a full body assessment together, we will recommend a personalised treatment plan that balances what you want with what I recommend. We focus on treatments which will target your individual aesthetic concerns in the most efficient way possible whilst considering your budget and lifestyle. My team and I spend time understanding your concerns, body goals, and desires and advise you on the best and safest treatments necessary to improve your physique and body shape.

Finally, we discuss with you all your treatment options and then facilitate the decision-making process. Treatment will not proceed until you fully understand the process and outcomes for each stage of treatment.

What is Dr. T’s TruBody Contouring and Sculpting for Life Plan?

My TruBody Contouring and Sculpting for Life Plan is a highly effective treatment plan I use for every one of my clients.

I created this plan to understand your goals, desires, fears, and concerns. What is really important is selecting the right treatment to ensure your natural look is achieved. And the risk of inappropriate treatment or “over” treatment that has potential long term effects and safety concerns is significantly reduced.

This plan allows me to provide you with a personalised and appropriate treatment plan.

It also forms part of my guarantee to be with you until your desired results are achieved.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Your Consultation

I take the time to get to know you and discuss your desired outcomes, your ultimate experience, and concerns, so I get it right the first time. I discuss timelines, expectations, best treatments, and payment plans.

Step 2
Your Treatment

Everyone is different. Generic plans do not work, so let’s do what’s right for you and your body. Your rediscovering your TruBody goals starts here.

Step 3
Your Results

It’s time to smile and enjoy your new, toned and sculpted look.

Step 4
Your Difference

Everyone will notice. No-one will Know.

Dr. T’s TruBody Contouring and Sculpting Payment Plans

To help you achieve your outcomes affordably, I have three payment options available. PayPal, AfterPay and MyHealthCare.

We can discuss your payment plan at the time of your consultation. My payment plans are interest-free, with no credit checks or financials required. The minimum age is 18, and you must be employed.

Dr T’s Guarantee

I understand this is a big decision for you.

I guarantee my team will be with you throughout your treatment journey until you are satisfied with your outcome.

Do you have more questions?

I understand this is a big decision and you need to be certain. If you have any further questions, please call on 1300 883 850. I will personally get back to you as soon as I can. I absolutely love what I do, and I love serving my clients to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes.

I look forward to meeting you.

All the best.

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Dr Theva Thevakumar


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Everyone will notice. No one will know.