Lip Enhancement Treatment: Spotting the Most Common Signs

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Lip fillers are one of the most requested aesthetic treatments here at Dr T Aesthetics cosmetic clinic in Melbourne. Loved by both women and men young and old alike. Though a lip enhancement treatment has previously had a bad rep, mostly down to a handful of unnatural ‘duck lip’ or ‘trout pout’ cases sported by celebrities, people are now starting to recognise the benefits that lip fillers can deliver beyond mere size and volume.

How the Lips Age as You Get Older

Much like the often neglected hands and neck, lips can reveal a woman’s true age. The lips are one of the most vulnerable areas on your face and start showing signs of ageing very early on in life. 

The skin’s structure gradually breaks down as we age. While this process occurs all over your body (giving us wrinkles, frail skin, and visibly sagging skin), it’s particularly noticeable on your lips.  Lips have a thin outer layer, which gets even thinner with each passing year. 

Over time the upper lip thins, flattens and can appear to fold over the teeth. Leading to the appearance of the upper lip kind of disappearing. Lips get their shape in part from collagen, and as you age, you produce less collagen. Collagen is what gives your lips their full plump shape and structure. 

As collagen in your lips begins to wear down over time, the corners of your mouth droop down in a permanent frown, your upper lip loses its distinctive v shape (cupid’s bow) and your whole lip area loses its fullness and definition.

What Causes Your Lips to Age and Look Older Than They Should?

1. Thin Skin

The skin on your lips is just simply thinner than the rest of the skin on your body. Lip skin only consists of three to five cellular layers instead of up to sixteen layers elsewhere. This thinner skin accounts for the pinkish colour we see on our lips. The thinness means your lips are easily damaged and don’t retain moisture well like the rest of the skin on your body.

2. Genetics

The shape, size, and to some extent the plumpness of the lips you were born with is determined by your genetics. Some people are just born with small and thin lips. Yes, you might be able to blame your thin and ageing lips on your parents. 

The age of your lips becomes more prominent as your face matures and you lose your underlying baby fat that was adding some plumpness to your lips.  

3. Lifestyle Choices

Things like smoking, drinking out of straws and even chewing on our lips out of nervousness or anxiety can greatly accelerate the ageing process.

Smoking cigarettes, in particular, accelerates the breakdown of your body’s natural collagen stores. Smokers are far more likely to develop noticeable perioral wrinkles than non-smokers are. That’s why these creases are frequently referred to as “smoker’s lines.”

Not only will quitting smoking slow down volume loss for your lips, but it may even reverse some of the signs of facial ageing that you are already experiencing.

4.The Passing of Time

Women’s lips reach their maximum thickness at age 14. After that, your lips naturally begin the thinning process.

5. UV Rays

Since the lips are very delicate, they can be easily vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Even if you’re diligent about applying sunscreen to your face and body, you may have neglected your lips.  Sun exposure plays a big part in ageing lips. 

6. Changes to Your Teeth

You might not realise it, but your teeth also contribute to the fullness of your lips. If your teeth are damaged or worn, your lips can start to turn inward, decreasing the amount of lip that shows. 

How Can a Lip Enhancement Treatment Transform Your Lips?

Though volume and fullness are most frequently top of the wish list for patients seeking a lip enhancement treatment, it’s important to note that lip fillers aren’t only for those concerned about small or thin lips.

Hyaluronic acid lip injections are also for patients who are looking to;

Erase Signs of Smoking

A lip enhancement treatment can reduce the severity of smokers’ lines surrounding your mouth erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

Emphasise Their Lip Shape

A lip enhancement treatment can bring more definition to your lips and create a more desired shape.

For example, using a small amount of dermal filler, we can emphasise the two peaks of your upper lip (cupid’s bow). This technique draws attention to the midsection of your lips and gives a more youthful, poutier appearance to your upper lip.

Correct Lip Symmetry

If your lips are uneven, or unbalanced, lip fillers are a good treatment option. By strategically injecting dermal filler, we can naturally restore lost volume, plump thinning areas, and lift drooping, leaving you with a beautiful pout that’s in perfect harmony with the rest of your facial features.

Define Lip Borders

As we age, our lips lose their natural definition and support. This can easily affect the border of our lips, changing the pout. By strengthening the lip border, the entire lip can look fuller and more pronounced. We can inject filler into the lip border, to give a natural and beautiful transformation, without making the body of the lip any fuller.

Want to Find Out More About a Lip Enhancement Treatment?

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