Q&A: Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

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We often view those with normal to oily skin types as having fewer wrinkles, however, that’s not entirely true. We have this view because these skin types have their own built-in moisturiser, creating the appearance of a smoother skin texture. For those with drier skin, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear more prominent. So, How Do We Combat Dry Skin & Wrinkles? Moisturising the skin with topical products can Read more...

How TruSculpt Breaks The Weight Loss Rules

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Localised weight loss is a stubborn exercise myth that refuses to go away. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Exercise the area you want to slim; the muscle will tone and the fat will burn. Well, that’s only half true. Break the Weight Loss Rules Let’s take one of the most sought-after areas of the body: the stomach. The conventional wisdom was that if you did you crunches and worked your Read more...

Thread Lift: An Alternative to a Surgical Facelift?

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Facelift remains one of the most widely-known cosmetic surgeries in popular culture. But recent developments in cosmetic surgery have produced the thread lift procedure, which can provide many of the same benefits – if not more – than the oft-maligned and sometimes risky facelift. What do these two procedures treat? Thread lift and facelift are both cosmetic procedures designed to counteract the effects of gravity and ageing on the face. Read more...