Q&A: Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

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We often view those with normal to oily skin types as having fewer wrinkles, however, that’s not entirely true.

We have this view because these skin types have their own built-in moisturiser, creating the appearance of a smoother skin texture. For those with drier skin, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear more prominent.

So, How Do We Combat Dry Skin & Wrinkles?

Moisturising the skin with topical products can help to disguise the appearance of fine lines, making the skin look younger, however that is not the same as giving the skin what it needs to look and feel rejuvenated and renewed – it’s more of a temporary fix.

To improve your skin, with long-lasting effects, we rely on state-of-the-art treatments and topical skin products. Our award-winning HydraFacial treatments cleanse the skin, allowing the moisturising and nourishing ingredients to adequately penetrate the skin to provide it with an intense hit of hydration. 

What Can You Use For Dry Skin?

  • Antioxidants are the number one ingredient we rely on to help protect the skin while also reversing damage caused by the environment. Pollution and unprotected exposure to UV rays can seriously damage the skin, contributing to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin-restoring ingredients are able to help skin look substantially transformed, renewed, and restarted on many levels. They are an astounding group of distinctively effective ingredients that helps reignite skin’s younger-looking appearance.
  • Skin-replenishing ingredients are substances that skin has lost and can’t make more of due mostly to unprotected sun exposure, getting older, and using skincare products with harsh or skin-aggravating ingredients. Giving these substances back to skin is the primary way to help keep it feeling supremely hydrated, soft, and radiant. Those wrinkles bothering you now will take on a smoother, more plumped appearance, revealing a youthful appearance and glow you may have thought was lost forever.
  • Sun protection is always the icing on the cake. As significant as all these ingredients are to improving skin in the short term and long term, it’s still critical to use an effective sunscreen 365 days a year. We know the topic of sunscreen might not quite as sexy as the latest anti-wrinkle miracle ingredient is, but without sunscreen, you have no chance of helping your skin resist wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing.

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