Lip Filler Treatment – 7 Things You Should Know Before Getting it Done

Posted by Dr Theva in Facecare.

One of the most popular procedures available currently is lip augmentation, or lip fillers. Melbourne has many clinics offering this procedure, but what should you know before getting it done?

  1. The best clinics aren’t simply ‘jab and go’

While the lip augmentation procedure has made huge advances in its effects and safety, professional clinics will always involve one-on-one consultation. These sessions will help determine what issues, if any, there might be during the procedure and after.

  1. You should be given the option of how you want your lips augmented

Through consultation, your doctor should be able to determine precisely the best treatment for you according to your needs – and your desires. Good clinics don’t simply plump each lip up and leave it at that. Treatment should be localised and tailored to your desired aesthetic, with your doctor able to control exactly how the lip filler is administered.

  1. Avoid exercise and blood thinners the day of the procedure

Good clinics will always give you full disclosure on what to do and what to avoid so that you get the most out of the procedure. The site around lip augmentation is more likely to bruise if you have been taking any medication that thins the blood, if you have been vigorously exercising on the day of treatment or if you exercise shortly after treatment.

  1. A lip filler treatment should not have lasting side effects

Beyond the small risk of some minor acute side effects like bruising around the site of injection, once the effect of lip augmentation fades – which it does over time – you should not experience any wrinkling or sagging.

  1. You should have the option of local anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia during lip augmentation will numb the area directly surrounding the site. This helps to reduce any discomfort during what is usually a short, 30-minute procedure.

  1. Lip filler has many benefits over surgical procedures

Lip augmentation, although temporary, has many benefits in comparison to surgery. Some of these include: its non-invasiveness and quicker recovery; its comparatively lower price than that of surgery; and its temporary nature means there is no major reversal procedure if you change your mind.

  1. The best lip filler treatment does not impede the use of or feeling in your lips

Contrary to popular belief, lip augmentation, when performed professionally and using the best treatment, will not in any way affect the feeling of things like kissing and eating. Apart from looking great, your lips will behave just the way they did pre-procedure.

If you’ve decided that lip augmentation is for you, do a bit of homework into the Melbourne clinics offering lip filler procedures. Always speak to a professional before booking an appointment and enjoy the feeling of fuller, more contoured and more sensual lips.

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