The advantages of using lip injections

Posted by Dr Theva in Lip Injections.

With age, your lips naturally tend to lose their definition and become thinner. Although makeup and lipstick can disguise the issue for a time, eventually these approaches can actually end up highlighting lost definition. An alternative is to try a more permanent and effective solution with lip injections. This procedure is particularly designed to restore natural fullness and create beautifully shaped and luscious lips.

The issues

If you are hoping to reduce the visible signs of ageing through an effective non-surgical procedure, one of your options is lip injections.

As we age, our skin tends to lose volume. This degeneration and soft-tissue loss can lead to a variety of ageing signs that can easily, safely, quickly and successfully be treated with lip injections and dermal fillers. The conditions that can be alleviated with dermal fillers as well as lip injections include:

  • wrinkled and thin lips
  • deflated and hollow cheeks
  • tear-trough grooves found under the eyes
  • mouth and nose creases
  • sagging jowls and cheeks

The procedure

Our lips are obviously quite a sensitive area, so local anaesthesia is first administered to make the region numb. Lip injections or fillers are then carefully injected to the precise areas, as discussed with your doctor, to give your lips a fuller and more youthful appearance. The entire lip enhancement procedure takes less than 30 minutes under the hands of a fully qualified dermatologist or cosmetologist.

Results can last for up to a year and sometimes beyond and are backed by years of clinical testing and research.

Benefits of lip injections

  • Once the gel is injected into your lips, it helps to give shape and support to your lip tissue.
  • With complete management of lip volume, the doctor is in total control of the procedure and administers the amount or dosage as per the unique requirements of the patient.
  • Injections can be administered gradually over spaced-out appointments. The treatment can be continued until the desired outcomes, as discussed between patient and doctor, are achieved.
  • Lip injections are effective in dissolving bumps and lumps that are created by natural lip movements.
  • There are minimal or no side effects to the procedure.
  • The results are not permanent, and therefore can be revisited or left alone when they diminish.
  • Lip injections use substances that are not known allergens.

Low downtime, and amazing results

By and large, as soon as your leave the clinic you can resume your normal lifestyle. Although there is a chance that you could experience some swelling, tenderness and bruising, any such complications should diminish within a few days and certainly not much longer than a week – after which you can enjoy with confidence much fuller and more luscious lips.