Lip Enhancement

What You Can Expect from a Lip Enhancement Treatment?

  • Lip fillers and Lip enhancement enhances the contour, definition and shape of your lips.
  • Lip injections are used to plump up thin lips or to redefine the lost shape and fullness of lips caused by aging.
  • Lip enhancement also removes fine vertical lines above and below the lips (called smoker’s lines), lifts the drooping corners of the mouth and prevents lipstick from bleeding.
  • You get quick results, which means you don’t have to wait long to have sexy, fuller lips once again
  • Quick treatment saves your valuable time
  • Comparatively less priced than the surgical alternatives

Although surgical techniques are available, in most cases the condition can be addressed with non-surgical procedures that are non-invasive and therefore associated with less trauma, shorter recovery periods and lower costs.

How Natural Lip Enhancement Can Benefit You?

Ageing can cause our lips to lose shape and volume and create wrinkles on and around our lips. Thin or undefined lips can affect your confidence when you look in the mirror. Lip fillers can help address these common concerns by giving your lips the boost they need to look their best.

Unlike with cosmetic surgery, lip fillers enhance your natural features as opposed to creating a result that changes the make-up of your facial features. Lip fillers restore your lips to their younger aesthetic, accentuating contours and outlines.

We use the best high grade injectable lip fillers  to enhance the appearance of your lips and make them look more plump and increase the lip volume. 

How Long Does Lip Enhancement Take?

Lip augmentation process usually takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. The lip is injected with dermal filler using a fine, disposable sterile needle. Temporary bruising and swelling in the lip area may occur after the procedure of lip filler and usually subsides within a few days. The results usually last for 6 to 8 months with best lip injections. Lip enhancement is thus a safe and non-invasive procedure that gives you a natural, soft, fuller, smooth and symmetrical sensuous lips with a plump pout in just 30 minutes.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers in Melbourne

In Melbourne, lip augmentation is a very simple and hassle-free treatment. So, for anybody who desires to infuse volume to thin lips or define the outline of lips, dermal lip fillers is the obvious option. But, in some cases, lip treatments with fillers in Melbourne is prohibited. For example, if you are diabetic, pregnant, suffering from herpes in the area or are very allergic, then the lip treatments with dermal fillers are not recommended.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Lips Injected?

The price of the lip enhancement in Melbourne vary with the type of fillers used and also on the requirement of the patient.

The cost of your lip enhancement in Melbourne is determined by several factors, such as which clinic you are seeking treatment in and the experience of your cosmetic injector. But the most important factors are the type of filler you are using and what amount of filler is being used to create your aesthetic goals.

The base price of dermal fillers is subject to change based on the amount of filler necessary to achieve the desired results. While some patients may only want to fill or augment the lips, others opt to treat the area around the mouth as well. Using additional fillers to fill in fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth will inevitably require more mls and cost more money.

What Can I Expect After Getting Lip Fillers?

You can’t get a procedure without fully understanding what to expect afterward. When it comes to getting dermal fillers for lip enhancement, keep in mind the mild as well as the more severe side effects of lip filler.

What Are Common Lip Surgery Side Effects?

One of the most common lip surgery side effects is mild bruising and swelling. You will most likely experience this for a few days after you get your lip enhancement procedure. Redness will also appear near and around the mouth where your doctor injected the dermal fillers. The redness will reduce within a few days. If you are experiencing prolonged redness, swelling, or severe bruising, call your healthcare provider right away.

What Are Some Serious Side Effects of Lip Fillers?

Before you jump into the trend of lip fillers, there are a few severe side effects you should understand. Learning about the lip filler side effects isn’t meant to scare you but simply to educate you on what could happen afterward. Skin eruptions and lumps might occur after you get lip enhancements. Another severe side effect of lip fillers is itching, which can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Skin damage and scarring near the injection area are also severe side effects of lip fillers. However, one of the most severe potential side effects is vascular occlusion, which happens when there is blockage of the blood vessels. This is very dangerous because vascular occlusion can cause blood clots and lead to dead tissue.

Where Should I Get Lip Fillers Done?

In Australia, dermal fillers can be administered by qualified medical practitioners including registered nurses and cosmetic doctors.

Filler is classed as a Schedule 4 cosmetic injectable, and must always be prescribed by a doctor after a consultation with them in person or via video link.

What this means is that the person having the filler should at be seen by a doctor prior to treatment but the injection can be administered by a registered nurses

You’d want to be questioning the person’s qualifications and level of training and also who is overseeing the procedure, who is the doctor who is prescribing the medication.

The main thing to look for is the environment you are having the lip filler procedure in.

If it’s done in someone’s apartment or garage then you really should be asking if this is the right place and person to be doing this. The environment should be sterile and have emergency equipment on site.

That’s not always happening [for example] in certain laser clinics. You should be visiting an accredited dermal practitioner.

Lip Enhancement & Augmentation with Best Fillers & Injections

At Dr.Theva’s Clinic, our dermatologists work closely with patients to understand their requirements and expectations from lip enhancement treatment in Melbourne.

Under the guidance of Dr.Theva Thevakumar, one of the few experts in Melbourne in the field of natural facelifting, we have committed to help people retain fuller and natural-looking lips after the treatment.

Why Choose Dr.Theva’s Clinic for the Best Lip Fillers in Melbourne?

Dr T’s Philosophy and Approach

I always believe in giving an absolutely natural result. I do not go beyond the point of looking natural and age-appropriate youthfulness.

Dr Theva Thevakumar

After a full facial assessment together, I recommend a personalised, treatment plan that balances what you want and what I recommend you need. This can save you money, unwanted long term effects, and help ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

I spend time understanding your concerns, goals, and desires and advise you on the best and safest procedures necessary to reverse and slow down the aging process.

Finally, I discuss with you all your treatment options and then facilitate the decision-making process. I do not commence any treatment until you fully understand the process and outcomes for each stage of treatment.

I have been a doctor (GP) for twenty-eight years, nine of which have been dedicated to the antiageing industry as a qualified cosmetic physician. My GP experience allows me to treat my clients on their internal as well as external well being.

As a Cosmetic Physician, I believe rediscovering your natural beauty is a big step towards your personal transformation. I wish to help all my clients rediscover their natural beauty so that they can look good, feel good, and get the best out of life and well being.

I know my clients love this approach. It’s personal, makes them feel comfortable, secure, and it works really well.

To keep this approach consistent, across all my treatments, I developed My Optimal Antiageing Plan for life.

Illustration showing how Anti-Aging Injections work

Do You Have More Questions About Lip Fillers and Lip Enchantment Treatments?

I understand this is a big decision and you need to certain. If you have any questions I have not covered, please contact me here or give me a call on 1300 883 850. I will personally get back to you as soon as I can.

Beauty is part of well being. Rediscovering one’s natural beauty is a form of personal transformation. It enables you to be confident, transcending, and to become the best version of yourself. All of which leads to life-changing possibilities that many seek.

I absolutely love what I do, and I love serving my clients to achieve this personal transformation.

Whatever your goals and desires are, I am here to help you to achieve that.

I have used Lip Filler and Lip Enhancement treatments to help transform the lives of over 2400+ happy clients. I would love to create the same natural-looking result for you.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your desired outcomes and be the best version of you.

All the best.

Dr Theva Thevakumar


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