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Natural & Safe Lip Enhancement Treatment In Melbourne


At Dr.Theva’s Clinic, our dermatologists work closely with patients to understand their requirements and expectations from lip enhancement treatment in Melbourne.

Under the guidance of Dr.Theva Thevakumar, one of the few experts in Melbourne in the field of natural facelifting, we have committed to help people retain fuller and natural-looking lips after the treatment.



How Natural Lip Enhancement Can Benefit You?

We use best injectable lip fillers  to enhance the appearance of your lips and make them look more plump.  Very fine needles are used during the treatment which do not cause any pain to the patient.

What you can expect from lip enhancement treatment?

  • Lip enhancement enhances the contour, definition and shape of your lips.
  • Lip injections are used to plump up thin lips or to redefine the lost shape and fullness of lips caused by aging.
  • Lip enhancement also removes fine vertical lines above and below the lips (called smoker’s lines), lifts the drooping corners of the mouth and prevents lipstick from bleeding.
  • You get quick results, which means you don’t have to wait long to have sexy, fuller lips once again
  • Quick treatment saves your valuable time
  • Comparatively less priced than the surgical alternatives

Although surgical techniques are available, in most cases the condition can be addressed with non-surgical procedures that are non-invasive and therefore associated with less trauma, shorter recovery periods and lower costs.

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How Long Does Lip Enhancement Take?

Lip augmentation process  usually takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthesia. The lip is injected with dermal filler using a fine, disposable sterile needle. Temporary bruising and swelling in the lip area may occur after the procedure of lip filler and usually subsides within a few days. The results usually last for 6 to 8 months with best lip injections. Lip enhancement is thus a safe and non-invasive procedure that gives you a natural, soft, fuller, smooth and symmetrical sensuous lips with a plump pout in just 30 minutes.


Who Are Not Eligible For The Lip Injections?

In Melbourne, lip augmentation is a very simple and hassle-free treatment. So, anybody who desires to infuse volume to thin lips or define the outline of lips, dermal lip fillers is the obvious option. But, in some cases, lip treatments with fillers in Melbourne is prohibited. For example, if you are diabetic, pregnant, suffering from herpes in the area or are very allergic, then the lip treatments with dermal fillers are not recommended.


How Much Does Lip Augmentation Cost?

The price of the lip enhancement in Melbourne vary with the type of fillers used and also on the requirement of the patient.


What Else Should I Know About Lip Filler Treatment?

Before treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will consult with you and evaluate your individual needs to determine the dermal filler that will produce your desired results.

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Why Choose Dr.Theva’s Clinic For Lip Augmentation In Melbourne

Dr.Theva is one of the few experts in the field of natural, non-surgical face lifting and 3D facial rejuvenation with experience of over 20 years. Here is why our clinic is the best choice for all your skin restoration needs.

  • Well-established, reputable skin treatment clinic for last 7 years
  • Personalised treatment plans for patients
  • We offer a wide variety of laser procedures, hydrafacial, body contouring, anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections
  • Comprehensive assessment of your skin
  • Professional and courteous team of dermal clinicians to attend to your concerns and deliver the best possible results
  • We provide a holistic approach to anti-aging and healthy skin care

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