PODCAST: What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Injectable Treatments With Dr Theva

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Listen to Dr Theva, on the Derm Health Podcast. Here he gives the advice to unravel the messy world of Cosmetic Injectable Treatments.

Now that cosmetic injectables are becoming as frequently used as facials, people across the country are taking this route to perfect their image. But what are the risks?

We discuss finding the perfect practitioner to unravelling unsafe practices, Dr Theva’s episode on the Derm Health Podcast is here to help you take a safe approach to cosmetic injectables. We also celebrate the way these injectables can help you achieve transformative results, without turning to messy surgery.

Derm Health also embraces all the ways we can use cosmetic injectables and still look natural. If this is an area of medicine that fascinates you, tune in to this episode for the latest updates.

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