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Love your bikinis again with TruSculpt iD.

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Summer will be here before you know it, and soon everyone will be breaking out their bikinis to hit the beach. If this scenario makes you cringe, you may not be beach body ready. Don’t worry! Now is the perfect time to consider body contouring procedures that can help you to feel confident this summer! For individuals looking to achieve a contoured body without the surgery, there are also a Read more...

How TruSculpt™ breaks the rules

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Localised weight loss is a stubborn exercise myth that refuses to go away. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Exercise the area you want to slim; the muscle will tone and the fat will burn. Well, that’s only half true. Which half? Let’s take one of the most sought-after areas of the body: the stomach. The conventional wisdom was that if you did you crunches and worked your obliques, after a Read more...

How to avoid holiday weight gain

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Christmas, New Year’s Eve and every other barbecue, lunch and dinner party under the sun can all lead to significant weight gain over summer. In fact, the average Australian puts on approximately one kilogram over the festive season. But what strategies can you adopt to avoid holiday weight gain? Maximise time spent outside There’s no better excuse to get active than a warm, sunny day. Take every opportunity to go Read more...