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What is TruSculptTM treatments?

Dr Theva is proud to provide you with TruSculptTM treatments! TruSculptTM is a non-invasive, non-surgical way to reduce stubborn deposits of fat located anywhere on the body: arms, legs and beneath the chin. TruSculptTM, available since 2013, is the latest technology in fat and cellulite reduction.

TruSculptTM destroys fat cells without damaging the overlying skin, nerves or blood vessels and other structures beneath the skin. TruSculptTM uses radio frequency (RF) energy transmitted through the skin’s surface which slims, shapes and tightens the skin. It’s comfortable with no down-time. The TruSculptTM handpiece is placed on the surface of the skin in the area to be treated. The RF pulse is applied which deeply heats the fat cell layer causing fat cell destruction. The total procedure takes about one hour to treat each “I-Pad”-sized area of the body. Visible results can be seen in as little as four weeks with maximum results taking up to twelve weeks.

Three treatments each separated by 4 weeks are recommended to achieve the optimum cosmetic result. TruSculptTM has approval for body sculpting and fat reduction and by the FDA and TGA .It also has achieved FDA 510k clearance and Health Canada approval for the heating of deep tissue and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

TruSculptTM is approved and has received clearance in Europe with the CE Mark (and Australian RTG) for body sculpting, body contouring, circumferential reduction and fat reduction.

How does TruSculptTM work?

Studies have demonstrated that RF heating of the fat cell layer to 45 degrees centigrade for 4 minutes results in a 60% loss in fat cell viability. The damaged fat cells are absorbed by your body over the course of 4-8 weeks and are eliminated by the body’s normal detoxification system resulting in a trimmer figure. There is no cutting or surgery involved.

Does the procedure hurt?

Although there is a hot sensation at the treatment site, the TruSculptTM technician will adjust the temperature to keep you comfortable. This is well tolerated without the need for pain medication, anesthetics or cooling.

What areas can be treated?

TruSculptTM can treat any area where fat deposits accumulate, such as under the arms, the neck (“turkey neck”), around the buttocks and thighs, back, love handles, on the abdomen and beneath the bra strap. Multiple areas can be treated at a single session.

How many treatments are needed? When will results be seen?

Although results can be seen after one treatment, generally 3 treatments each separated by 3 to 4 weeks are needed to achieve the optimum cosmetic result. Additional treatments may be required depending on your individual fat deposits and response to TruSculptTM. Results can be seen 4 to 12 weeks after the treatments. Results typically are better when you follow our recommended treatment regimen.

Can TruSculptTM be used as a weight loss technique?

TruSculptTM is not designed for weight loss or a treatment for obesity. It is used to reduce the appearance of minor to moderate areas of diet and exercise resistant fat deposits on the body, extremities and beneath the chin. Best results are seen in those who have a BMI of 30 or less. More fat can be removed with liposuction than with TruSculptTM. So TruSculptTM can complement but is not a replacement for liposuction.

When can I return to normal activities? Are there any side effects? Is

TruSculptTM safe?

The TruSculptTMprocedure is designed to be safe and comfortable. Side effects are limited to temporary redness, mild swelling, sweating and slight tenderness where treated. Usually the side effects last only a few hours, but may last up to 24 hours. You may return to your regular activities and work immediately after your treatment.

What does a TruSculptTM treatment cost?

TruSculptTM ‘s cost varies based on the total surface area treated, the time it takes to treat that area and the number of treatments needed. Please consult with our staff to receive an accurate fee estimate to achieve your goal.

Can anyone be treated?

TruSculptTM is for men and women. All skin types and colors can be treated. People with heart pacemakers, cancer or malignant tumors in the treatment area and pregnant women should not be treated. Those who have certain metallic implants like copper IUDs and metal joint replacements may not be treated in the implanted areas but may be treated elsewhere on their body.

How do you prepare for a TruSculptTM treatment?

There is no special preparation needed before TruSculptTM body contouring and fat reduction treatment. Remove any jewelry or body piercings in the treatment area before treatment. Skin should be washed clean. Avoid using lotions or body creams on your skin before treatment.

Other treatment options: Dr.Theva and our staff will review all options and fully answer your questions at your consultation.

NOTE: There is no substitute for the information you will receive at your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Theva and our staff. The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for you can only be determined at that time. All procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are unusual. Most people are very happy with the results but no specific result can be guaranteed.

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