Facial Slimming

Get rid of unwanted fat on your face with the help of effective, face slimming, long lasting, non-surgical facial contouring by experienced and recognised team of dermal clinicians

Are you upset  with your facial appearance? The years have crept up around your eyes, and the wrinkles and crow feet are more visible than ever before. How you wish you could turn back time and have a smooth, slim, and attractive face once again. Don’t be sad if you can’t afford expensive surgeries and facial implants.

Dr.Theva’s reputable and well-established cosmetic, skin and laser center provides safe, effective facial slimming and facial contouring treatment in Melbourne to help you achieve slimmer and youthful face.

Why A Well-Defined Jawline Matters ?

A well-defined jawline is one of the most important features for an attractive and youthful look. Males desire a strong and square jawline, while an attractive female face is usually characterised by a smoother, softer and rounder jawline and sharp chin.

To get that perfect “look’’, men and women of all ages can now have a natural facial slimming, non-surgical facial contouring at Dr.Theva’s reputable skin rejuvenation clinic in Glen Iris and Forest Hill areas with minimal discomfort and downtime.

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Benefits of Non Surgical Facial Contouring

This safe treatment procedure can produce fantastic results by restoring natural facial proportions. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  • Contrary to invasive procedures, there’s little to no recovery time
  • Results are virtually instantaneous and can last upto 12 months
  • Treatment is significantly less expensive than the surgical alternatives
  • Gives the patient a smooth and more youthful look
  • Non invasive procedure eliminates the need to take time off work.

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