What to Expect

What to expect on your first visit

The first visit with your doctor is critical. This opportunity lays down the groundwork for achieving the best possible results during treatment and preventing any unnecessary side effects. During this visit, your doctor will ask a series of questions to understand the need for your surgery or treatment, and any concerns or specific expectations you might have. Following the discussion, the doctor will proceed with various examinations and tests to assess:

  • Health status (checking for any abnormalities or medical conditions that might affect the treatment outcome)
  • Eligibility for cosmetic treatment
  • Outcome expectations and determination of the effects of treatment.

Your doctor will collect your medical history, performs physical examinations and may also order certain diagnostic tests such as X-rays or photographs (from various angles) of the area to be treated. Thus the first visit with the medical practitioner is crucial to help patients understand better the possible risks and benefits of the procedure. This opportunity helps patients and their doctor to determine eligibility for their desired procedure and also help to make a decision in moving to cosmetic surgery.

First visits are also an opportunity for patients to get answers to all their questions, understand the procedural benefits, risks and potential complications and to further prepare for any surgical procedures.

Your journey to a healthier, more confident and more youthful you starts with this consultation.