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Recently, we’ve had an increased amount of enquiries in our clinic about cheek filler treatment. Though it may not be as popular as some other dermal filler treatments, i.e. lip fillers, its popularity has grown significantly. Chances are you probably know someone who’s had the treatment. 

Since there’s A LOT of misinformation floating around about cheek fillers out there, I thought I would clear the air and give you the most important facts you need to know before you consider a cheek filler treatment.

Woman receiving cheek filler treatment


With the natural process of ageing your cheeks start to lose volume and the fat pads, that form the cheeks, deflate and fall downward overtime. Because your cheeks are such a prominent feature of your face the volume loss creates a droop to your cheeks that also affects the areas around them.

Your jawline and the skin around your mouth loses firmness due to the lack of tension from above. Leading to your lower face to sag and intensify the nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth). The hollows under your eyes (tear through) start getting deeper, and those prominent under eye bags become more noticeable.

Cheek fillers are a type of dermal filler. And, just like most hyaluronic acid fillers, they add volume and definition back to the face, which is key to this mid-face rejuvenation treatment.

In the cosmetic world, your cheeks are considered the heart of your whole facial structure. And, I do not say this lightly, this cosmetic procedure really does require extreme expertise and nothing short of an artist to achieve the best final results.


Cheek fillers are a great alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. It’s often referred to as a facelift without a facelift.

Cheek filler treatment involves using a small needle or cannula (a blunt-ended device to minimise bruising) to inject a hyaluronic acid filler in and around areas of the cheeks. Product choice, quality positioning and technique is required that adds an attractive amount of volume and shape to your cheeks, so your face looks natural and fresh.

With minimal recovery time associated with cheek fillers, you can typically get on with your day post-treatment. Sometimes you may experience some bruising, and some may experience a small amount of swelling, but these don’t tend to hang around for very long.


This depends on several factors, but most importantly, the type of filler your chosen injector uses and how much of it they inject. 

Some cheek fillers can last 6 to 12 months, while others can last a lot longer.

Your cosmetic injector should help you choose the right type of filler depending on the final result you desire.

The only other procedure known to augment deflated cheeks is a surgical cosmetic implant. While permanent, it’s a pretty invasive and time-consuming surgery that’s largely fallen out of fashion.


The most common fillers are temporary hyaluronic acid fillers that give a boost of volume. The treatment is highly customisable for each patient depending on which area of the cheek we inject. Someone with a thin face might want plumper cheeks and a rounder face; someone with a round face might gravitate toward a more angular oval look.

No matter the patients desire an experienced injector should strive to ensure that they achieve beautiful left and right symmetry, vertical-horizontal harmony of the face and that the patient’s facial beauty is enhanced not drastically changed.

A multilayering technique can be used to inject into both the deep fat pads and into superficial fat pads of your cheeks. This creates angles and soft curves, so your face looks more defined but never overfilled and puffy.


Many of my patients come in into the clinic under the assumption that treating their under-eye bags (tear through), jowls and marionette lines with dermal filler directly is their only treatment option. But most of the time, this simply is not the case.

Treating the upper cheek with dermal filler often provides great support to the under-eye area and reduces the appearance of the tear trough. If you have great cheek volume and simply have a deep tear trough, then dermal filler can be injected into the tear trough to lift the area and reduce the depth of the line.

Restoring lost volume to the cheeks will also, in turn, lift the lower thirds of the face. This in turn reduces appearance of jowls and marionette lines (the lines at the corner of your mouth). To treat these lower face issues, we need to treat the face as a whole. In particular the cheeks, as jowls and marionette lines are worsened by the volume loss in the cheeks.

During your FREE non-obligation comprehensive consultation, I take the time to assess the contour of your face and cheekbone structure. We discuss your goals and desired outcome, and determine if cheek filler strategically placed will have the best natural results. Sometimes we may even discuss using a combination of treatments and injections techniques to get the best overall look.

This is where the experience and knowledge of your cosmetic injector are paramount. Excessive use of filler and other cosmetic injectables in these areas may worsen the outcome. This leads to an unattractive and overdone final result. Think pufferfish.


Experienced cosmetic injectors, who have studied facial anatomy have a better understanding of the facial structure. They know exactly where nerves, glands and blood vessels are situated.

Cheek filler injections are typically placed in a “low risk” area of the face. Complications are very rare if you are in the hands of an expert.

The most common side effects are bruising, swelling & mild discomfort during treatment. Very rare complications include persistent lumpiness/swelling when the immune system reacts to the filler.

One of the most common side effects is that you are not happy with your final results. The options are to dissolve the filler completely or to wait until the filler naturally degrades over time.

So please choose the person performing your cosmetic injectables wisely. Cheek filler injections should leave you looking like yourself, just fresher. The aim should be to create a pleasing, refreshed natural look that is not fake or overfilled. If you are ever unsure, remember, a 2nd opinion never hurt.

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