Our Signature 3D Rejuvenation

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Most people have more than one troublesome areas when it comes to their ageing. Superficial imperfections, pigmentation wrinkles and issues with laxity can all contribute to a higher perceived age.  To tackle multiple issues for optimal results, we have an innovative 3D Rejuvenation approach targeting all layers of the skin to restore healthy skin and rejuvenate your appearance.
This three-tiered approach utilises a series of cutting-edge treatments including LimeLight, Laser Genesis and Titan targeting pigmentary concerns, surface imperfections including redness and texture, and elasticity.

3D Rejuvenation Part 1 – Titan

Objective: skin tightening
Targeting: the dermis
Using infrared light, we heat the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. This improves the elasticity and tone to reveal dramatically tighter skin. This treatment can be used all over the face, but is mainly used around the jawline. Anaesthesia is not required and most patients experience little to no downtime.

3D Rejuvenation Part 2 – LimeLight

Objective: treating pigmentary concerns and overall tone
Targeting: the surface layers of the skin
Using IPL technology, we are able to reduce vascular lesions and pigmentary concerns such as sun spots and redness.

3D Rejuvenation Part 3 – LaserGenesis

Objective: Texture, redness and surface imperfections
Targeting: The Papillary Dermis
Laser Genesis is a unique treatment using energy to create heat in the middle layers of the skin. Here, we treat enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and redness by heating dilated capillaries and using gentle heat to naturally encourage collagen and elastin production.

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