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Acne or problem skin is a common condition that usually starts with adolescence, but often continues well into adulthood. Facial oil blocking our hair follicles (combined with trapped bacteria and dead skin cells) can cause acne to erupt on our faces, and sometimes on other parts of our bodies, such as our backs and neck. Although there isn’t a cure for acne, there are treatments you can use to control it and to minimise the scarring it creates. Dr Theva Thevakumar is a dermatologist who offers a variety of them at his skincare clinic in Melbourne.

Depending on your skin type, skin texture and the severity of your acne, he might recommend one or more of the following treatments:

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light is used to penetrate the skin, targeting and destroying the bacteria that causes acne to prevent future breakouts and create a healthier complexion. During this procedure, photosensitiser cream is applied to the skin to make it sensitive to light. Once the cream has dried, the light is used.

Side effects may include redness, swelling, skin dryness and a change in pigment. We recommend you book you your first session on a Friday so that you can have the weekend off to heal. You’ll need to use sunscreen as your skin will be sensitive, and extra courses may be required to treat severe acne.

Skin Peels

A skin peel is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that resurfaces the skin using a chemical solution. It targets damaged areas of the skin to promote peeling and renewal. The strength, duration and ingredients of the peel will impact how intensive it is. Superficial peels often use alpha hydroxy acids, medium depth peels use trichloroacetic acid, and deep peels use phenol-based solutions.

Depending on the depth of peel you’re undertaking, you might need sedation to numb your face. Once the peel is applied, you might experience a minor burning sensation. Your surgeon will use saline compresses to cool down the tingling. An antibiotics prescription might also be given to you to prevent infection and help with the healing process. We also recommend you do this at a time when you can leave your face to heal.

Make sure that your acne treatment in Melbourne is carried out by a qualified, licenced and experienced dermatologist. Dr Theva is more than willing to sit with you for a consultation and address your needs, to create a solution that is unique to your needs. Get in touch with his Melbourne clinic today for more information.

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