Top Causes of Acne Skin Explained

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During the teenage, there is nothing more disappointing than waiting to have clear face. Acne breakouts are the worst as it can trigger both men and women as it is one of the most common and major issues people are facing. It is a skin disorder which occurs when some of the small pores on your skin get blocked with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

Sometimes, having zits on your face is more than inconvenient trouble. If you experience any such issue, visit acne skin care clinic Melbourne to get with the same younger look. But, before that, it is essential to know the factors that are causing acne:


It is one of the most important factors that cause acne. During puberty, androgens grow in both boys or girls due to which the sebaceous glands present under the skin enlarge and produce more sebum, or oil.  This oil damages the cellular wall of the pores which results in developing of bacteria. Hormonal changes include menstruation, pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives as it all results in the production of sebum and cause acne to develop or recur.


Most of the issues occurring in your body are due to the result of heredity as genetic influence is one of the major evidence of acne. If your parents or other family members are dealing with the issue, it means you are likely to develop it too.

Oil-based beauty products

Not all the beauty products are right for your skin, that’s why you should be careful before choosing one. Any type of makeup, moisturizing creams, lotions, and hair products can be harmful to your skin. But the products that contain pore-clogging sulfates, mineral oil, coconut, and cocoa butter, and silicones can encourage the blocking of your skin’s pores. Therefore, when choosing the products look for noncomedogenic, oil-free, unscented cosmetics, and sunscreens, which doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin.

Stress and Anxiety:

These two factors not only cause acne but can result in various problems. Due to psychological and emotional stress can directly affect the levels of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline which results in making the acne worse. These stress hormones excite the oil glands which makes testosterone resulting in increment or production of oil and clogs pores.


Excess of everything is bad. Sometimes taking medicines also results in acne skin. The drugs that contain androgens, corticosteroids, or lithium can make your acne worse.


It is one of the essential factors which can improve or damage various things in your body, but your diet and acne have a direct link. Thus, by eating greasy or oily foods such as chocolates, junk food, it can cause acne.

Rough Surface:

Rough surfaces directly put an impact on the smooth surface such as your skin. When the soft surface of your skin rubs against the uneven surface such as beard, mustache, rough clothes or towel, it causes friction that stimulates oil production on your face. It results in blemishing your skin.

Pimple popping

It should not be done because when you try to destroy a pimple, the bacterial infection comes out. The infectious water of the pimples further gets down and spread under your skin. It results in more blocking, swelling, and redness, which means multiplying your pimples.

It takes time to restore acne as there are no instant cures. But, due to the availability of various medical or cosmetic treatment, there is the possibility of managing most cases of acne. Before choosing any treatment, it is necessary to consult any acne and skin care clinic Melbourne for betterment of your skin.

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