Know How to Apply Skin Care Products in the Correct Order

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Whenever we eat our food, we believe it will give the same amount of nutrients at night as it will give in the morning. But be careful when you think the same for skin care products, as it is not the case here. Dermatologists say that where ingredients of some skin care products should penetrate our skin for better results, other skin care products should rest on the top as a protector. The most ideal order of applying various skin products is from liquid to oil or from thinnest to thickest as suggested by the dermatologists at Melbourne skin care clinic.

There are two sides to everything, similarly, there exist two different skin care routines for daytime and night-time. Have a look at this order and follow it up in your daily life from now on.





First thing you should do in the morning is gently wash your skin with a cleanser that suits your skin type.


Although it is not an essential step, toners serve multiple purposes. Besides toning acids, tonners deliver antioxidants and vitamin B to the skin which help maintain skin’s PH.

Antioxidant Serum:

For daytime, dermatologists at skin care clinic in Melbourne recommend antioxidant serum to be kept as close to the skin as possible. Antioxidant serum neutralizes the damages from the UV rays and pollution and blunts the skin’s inflammatory responses.

Eye Cream:

In order to prevent fine lines around eyes from occurring, dermatologists recommend the use of eye cream with SPF on a regular basis which also maintains the thickness of eyelid skin.

Spot Treatment:

If you are undergoing acne treatment, then apply prescribed cream only on the spots because other creams coming under its contact will hinder its effectiveness.


Whether you have dry skin or not, it is a necessary step for every skin type. However, if you are undergoing acne treatment, avoid applying moisturizer on the spots.


Sunscreens with moisturizing benefits are best to keep skin hydrated while protecting it from the sun. Also, applying sunscreen that contains zinc will give the best results.





At night, if you have makeup on your skin, first remove it with a cosmetic cleanser then wash off the loosened makeup and dirt on your skin with a regular cleanser.

Toners, Boosters, and Essences:

Toners are to clean your skin, essences are for skin treatments, and boosters are to hydrate and nourish the skin. You should apply a toner before essence and end the step with a layer of boosters.

Eye Cream:

Apply eye cream before applying skin treatment ingredients around the eyes which can possibly cause irritation if applied directly in that area.

Treatment Serums, Pads, and Creams:

Different skin treatment ingredients are not necessary to be applied all at once. Dermatologists suggest applying only what your skin needs at a night.

Hydrating Mask or Oil:

This step is for an extra boost of hydration if your skin is more on the dry side.

Night Cream or Moisturizer:

Night creams are thick and help to retain water molecules in the skin. It is the last step of night-time regimen as thick cream will not let any other thing get through it now.

One more thing that matters the most when applying different skin care products is the time that we give each ingredient to get absorbed in the skin. With each ingredient needing at least 30 minutes to penetrate, it is recommended to keep your skin care routine as simple as possible.

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