Our latest in skincare? A very good drop

Posted by Dr Theva in Anti Wrinkle Treatments Melbourne, Facecare, Skin.

What is d’vine?

An innovative wine-based skincare product, d’vine directly transfers to your skin all the very best nutrients and benefits the earth has to offer. Used by day spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, d’vine is now available for use in your own home.

What’s involved?

d’vine is formulated from Californian-sourced wine and grape seeds. It offers a nutrient-rich and aromatherapeutic skincare experience with a range of extracts like cinnamon, mango, passionfruit, pomegranate and holly oil. The fusion and interaction of these compounds nourishes, protects and invigorates your skin.

This form of ‘vinotherapy’ is at the forefront of cosmetic research and represents a timely intersection of environmentally friendly practices with exceptional skincare.

What are the benefits of wine-based skincare?

Wine-based skincare offers a diverse range of beneficial properties which can be found in each d’vine product.

Among some of its unique compounds, d’vine contains resveratrol, a compound that stimulates collagen production; L-tartaric acid, which facilitates exfoliation; phytoalexins, which protect the skin from free radical damage; and grape seed extracts, which reduce bruising and accelerate healing.

In essence, d’vine is a skin brightening, skin-strengthening and anti-ageing treatment that can be applied as a part of your daily skincare. It is a cruelty-free, non-petroleum product that’s good for the earth and good for you.

How is d’vine applied?

Although at Dr Theva we use d’vine post-treatment to assist the skin’s natural healing process, we also offer a range of products for home use. Some of these include exfoliants, face masks, serums, all over body care, facial treatments, post-manicure or pedicure treatments, and products especially formulated for men. d’vine products are designed to be incorporated seamlessly into your daily face and body moisturising routine.

Where can I find d’vine?

Dr Theva is now stocking d’vine products for our clients. Ask the team about d’vine next time you visit the clinic, or, if you’re looking to give an all-natural beauty gift to those close to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us online.