Are You The Right Candidate For A Face Lift?

Posted by Dr Theva in Skin.

Having lost your youth does not end the desire to have a well-toned, glowing skin. Watching loose or sagging skin first thing in the morning is not a sight to behold for most women around the world.

Every skin is different. Remember, what works for other women may not give you similar results. Right? Having experienced little to no improvement from applying acclaimed beauty products, going for specialized skin treatments is an obvious choice for many women.

A non-surgical or minimally invasive facelift is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures that remove excess skin and fat under the chin, lighten up deep skin creases around the nose and mouth.

Instead of making ill-informed choices, undergo a thorough medical assessment from certified doctors or registered nurses to know your skin better.

Herein, this blog will let you know the essentials to qualify for a facelift:

●   Do Not Be Unreasonable

Many women grow impatient to get the natural youthful skin back. But that does not translate into actual results if you’re setting unachievable goals. Right?

Stay level headed and understand the anomalies that come with any and every cosmetic procedure let alone facelift. There is a level of uncertainty if and to what extent your damaged skin can be repaired.

Follow the pre and post-operative instructions to experience a notable difference. But do not have unreasonable expectations that only dampen your overall well being.

Skin Nature

This is possibly the core and crux of every surgical and non-surgical skin treatment.

A cosmetic doctor will closely assess your facial skin to discern its deformities and ascertain if or not, a facelift is a viable option.

Flaunting loose skin on the face is a giveaway that you need a facelift.

For instance, women with flexible and supple skin are more likely to enjoy optimal results unlike those with impenetrable texture.  However, that nowhere means for you to feel disappointed. Combined with other cosmetic procedures, you can see encouraging improvement in your face. In fact, you can restore not just toned but the contoured shape of your face with our non-surgical  Silhouette Soft® treatment.

Also, women with skin allergies such as biomaterials are recommended to be extremely cautious before going for any form of facelifts.

Facial Bone Structure

While wrinkles are a blatant sign of aging skin, your bone structure undergoes a major transformation as well.  Having a strong bone structure gives you an added advantage that facelift may work well.

Over a passage of time, our facial bones such as eye sockets, nose and upper jaw experience changes that are not instantly visible. Most prominently, eye sockets deepen and the bone across your eyebrows tilts at a lower angle that results in frown lines on our foreheads, “crow’s feet” at the corners of our eyes and droopy lower eyelids.

Restore skin sagging with under eye fillers in Melbourne to get some instant results. In fact, studies have proclaimed that women exhibit the loss of facial bones sooner than men. Thus having a firm or tighter face gives you an edge over women with the weak bone structure to enjoy quick results.

●   Your Overall Health & Wellbeing Is Supreme

Long-lasting youthful skin and beauty are desirable but not at the cost of your health. Right? If you’re suffering from any other severe health condition,  get yourself examined before going for any cosmetic procedure, even if its non-surgical facelift.

Visit our skin care clinic in Melbourne and get a personalized consultation from Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Theva. Operated as a blend-in effect of skin lifting and regenerating,  every sitting only takes 30 min.  However, the cumulative number of total sittings varies from patient to patient.

It’s Not End Of the World

You want to have rejuvenated skin back but the journey may not be as easy as you want it to be!

Whether you’re or not an ideal candidate, all is not lost as there are other alternative skin therapies that can help you restore youthful skin!  Give us a call at 1300 883 850 or write at [email protected] for more information.