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Stay Young: How Dermal Fillers May Help You ‘Turn Back The Clock’

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Stay Young: How Dermal Fillers May Help You ‘Turn Back The Clock’ Our number one aim at Dr Aesthetics is enhancing your appearance, for a naturally beautiful result, without expensive, invasive procedures. And possibly the biggest concern of many of our clients, is how they can naturally ‘turn back the clock’ to combat the signs of aging. One of these great treatments is dermal fillers, provided at our Medical Aesthetics Read more...

The Cheat Sheet To Get Freedom From Crow’s Feet

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Wrinkles or fine lines tracing your face are inevitable as you age with time. They are a sign of mirth and laughter in your life as you grow older.  Crow’s feet – the fine lines branching out from the extreme corners of your eyes are quite natural. A burst of hearty laughter, squinting, smirking or exasperated in disgust, the fleeting twitch of muscles causes this phenomenon over time on your Read more...

Your Antidote For Pigmented Skin

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There is no end to skin woes for women of all ages in possibly any season. But the harm caused by acute sun radiations ( UVA) on your skin is something that’s hard to ignore. From the common skin tanning to the dark patches below eyes, on cheeks, your skin cells are subjected to invariable damage.   However, before you even differentiate between the two, there are different types of pigmentations Read more...

Answers To 7 Questions Unlocked Before Lip Enhancement

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“The quest for perfection seems to be never-ending as Fortune Business Insights Report that Dermal Fillers Market to reach US$ 6,303.2 Mn by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 7.8%.” When it comes to lip enhancement, every woman has her own opinion reflecting upon preconceived notions or the pursuit to look the best. If you’re oscillating between to-do or not-to-do, we recommend you to gain the vital information that attends to Read more...

[PODCAST] What you need to know about cosmetic injectable treatments with Dr Theva

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Now that cosmetic injectables are becoming as frequently used as facials, people across the country are taking this route to perfect their image. But what are the risks? Listen to Dr Theva, on the Derm Health Podcast. Here he gives the advice to unravel the messy world of cosmetic injectables. From finding the perfect practitioner to unravelling unsafe practices, Dr Theva’s episode on the Derm Health Podcast is here to Read more...

Top Reasons Why You Need to Visit a Cosmetic Physician

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If you have never had any reason to visit a Cosmetic Physician in your life, you should consider yourself lucky. But, if you haven’t ever visited a Cosmetic Physician, like most of the people, you would also be thinking that Cosmetic Physicians are nothing but “acne doctors”. Rather than believing in this common myth, you should know that dealing with acne is only one of the many skills that Cosmetic Read more...
Anti-Aging Treatments Glowing Skin

Top 8 Anti-Aging Treatments to Make Your Skin Glow

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Banish wrinkles, fine lines & dark spots with these Top 8 anti-aging treatments for glowing skin. Wrinkles, Fine lines and Dark spots are the results of a lack of moisture and elasticity in your skin and is natural process of aging. This blog states some of the best anti-aging treatments that can make your skin look young. Anti-Aging Treatments with Dermal Fillers These fillers can give effective and immediate results Read more...
Best Laser Treatment

A Guide to a Successful Laser Skin Treatment

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It’s normal to have age spots, red skin, and some sort of blotchiness on the skin. However, to eradicate all such skin troubles, the only hope is getting a laser skin treatment. The treatment with the lasers working on your skin and healing is the ultimate trend nowadays and why wouldn’t it be, when it can do everything safely without even damaging your skin. Unlike the surgical ways of treating Read more...
Body Sculpting with Trusculpt Flex

Bikini Season is here! How TruSculpt Body Contouring Can Help to Reduce Stubborn Areas of Fat

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Summer will be here before you know it, and soon everyone will be breaking out their bikinis to hit the beach. If this scenario makes you cringe, you may not be beach body ready. Don’t worry! Now is the perfect time to consider body contouring procedures that can help you to feel confident this summer with a TruSculpt iD! What is TruSculpt iD? For individuals looking to achieve a contoured Read more...
Nonsurgical Facelifts

Q&A: Does Dry Skin Cause Wrinkles?

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We often view those with normal to oily skin types as having fewer wrinkles, however, that’s not entirely true. We have this view because these skin types have their own built-in moisturiser, creating the appearance of a smoother skin texture. For those with drier skin, fine lines and wrinkles tend to appear more prominent. So, How Do We Combat Dry Skin & Wrinkles? Moisturising the skin with topical products can Read more...
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